Error using chart-testing in GitLab Pipeline

Matt Horgan

January 12, 2021

We’ve recently been moving over from Jenkins to GitLab and as part of this, I was creating a validation pipeline for our Helm charts using chart-testing. When I tried to use the tool for some basic linting using ct lint, I kept getting the error:

Error: Error linting charts: Error identifying charts to process: Error running process: exit status 128.

However, when I ran ct lint --all, everything seemed to work OK and the charts were analysed as expected. Looking further into the documentation for chart-testing, if you run --all, it’ll ignore any git functionality and just analyse the charts. Without that parameter, it’ll compare with what is already in source control and only analyse the charts that have differences.

By default, Gitlab CI does a shallow clone which means there is no git history for the tool to look at. Unfortunately, the exit status 128 that you get back from the tool didn’t help pinpoint it but once you disable the shallow clone within GitLab CI, chart-testing will now have the git information it needs to only analyse the charts that have changed.

FYI, to disable shallow clone in GitLab CI, add an environment variable called GIT_DEPTH and set it to 0: